Spring in Vienna

Spring in Vienna

Friday, June 3, 2011

June Already???

I am long overdue for an update and some pictures. The kids and I walked around one of six remaining Flakturms left from WW II this past week. These were constructed to be indestructible so that is why many are still left standing or used for other purposes, like the Haus des Meers (aquarium).
These were built as air defense platforms that could house 30,000 soldiers, a self contained hospital and could control water and power sources all from within! They are still very impressive but eery looking structures.

Austin had a blast of a birthday party last week and we are doing Anelie's tomorrow so she can celebrate with her classmates. I will post those pics and more after the parties are officially over. Whew!
In the meantime, here is the latest from Arissen. A story he composed and shared with Finn after dinner tonight:

"Daddy, can I tell you the story of about Goldilocks? Yes, I would love to hear it.
Ok, well Goldilocks went into the house to eat the porridge. And she went upstairs and three little bears were jumping on the bed. Momma called the Dr and the Dr said, No more bears jumping on the bed!"
 Some details are a little mixed up but good organization! I give it a 3+ :-)

The kids and I will be coming to Colorado on June 19. We are very excited to return to US soil after being away for six months and we can't wait to catch up with friends and family!